Love Endures!

February is certainly the month that we associate with LOVE... And why not - for those of us that live in the cold climate of the NorthEast, we need something to get us through the rest of the winter.  While love comes in many forms, and I love photographing LOVE at all stages and all forms, I'm particularly fond of capturing the love between mature couples. Maybe it's a long lasting, enduring love. Or perhaps it's a new-found love that they established in their silver years.  There is just something magical about capturing this generation.  It's joyful for them, but also impactful for all of us who want to remember them just as they are, in this moment, with all their wisdom and joy.

Wouldn't you love to have a framed piece of your parents, or grandparents like the one shown above?

I'd love to help you with that, whether they are living on their own, or in an assisted living facility.  Let chat and work some magic so you can have this loving, enduring memory.

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