First Impresssions

Want to know an easy way to build trust with your clients so they know you are THE professional they need to work with? 

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Using a professional portrait in all your marketing materials portrays you as a serious professional.  And keeping that portrait up to date with your current hairstyle, hair color, and let's face it my friends, your current age - is important. They'll recognize you and have a sense of familiarity when they finally meet you face to face.

And when companies have on brand, and similar headshots for all personnel, they present themselves as a cohesive group.  

In a recent newsletter from Emily Aborn of She Built This, her subject line was "Can you send me your bio and a headshot?"  She continues: 

"Is one of your goals to get more speaking engagements?

Wanna' be a guest on more podcasts?

Starting to connect with more people on LinkedIn?

Or maybe you're redoing your website and just got the list from the designer as to what you need..."

And the first thing she lists as necessary is a current headshot. Professionals that write and develop content like Emily, recognize that their clients need the whole package to create the best first impression.

And a current professional headshot is essential.

At Lily Jack Photography, we also offer branding sessions, which will give you a myriad of images to pull from for content updates.  We'll discuss your marketing strategy, the style you're looking for, and how we can incorporate that into the images we create together.  

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Professional images are one of the easiest ways to update content, and show your clients that you are relevant, current, and a prominent player in your industry.

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