Cake Smash - it's not just for the toddler in your life!

Creating gorgeous portraits is my primary goal, but creating an atmosphere of relaxation and good ‘ole fun, is a close second. I was so grateful to photograph these two amazing ladies, not just because their personalities captured my attention, but because they are twins celebrating their 70th Birthday!

Back before travel was restricted, Kathy flew into Manchester, NH to celebrate with her sister, Jo. Little did Kathy know, Jo had already set up a little surprise – a portrait session with Lily Jack Photography to capture this momentous occasion. The last time they had professional portraiture done was for their 50th birthday so Jo set this one up as a surprise for Kathy. I helped keep the whole thing a secret, and had my own little surprise up my sleeve. When Kathy arrived at the home studio, she thought I was a docent from the Currier Museum, hosting them for lunch! Oh how I love surprises!

But Jo and I had prepared. We had talked about what outfits to bring, what colors to use, that we needed Kathy’s make-up kit secretly packed away in the car without her knowing - all sorts of details to make sure the session was a surprise AND a success!

Near the end of our session, I asked them to trust me and close their eyes. I then positioned the cake in front of them, got myself behind the camera, and viola! It was an ultimate cake surprise, in Jo’s favorite color, turquoise. Thank you to Sweetened Memories in Durham, NH for such a decadent cake.

So not only did they leave with a most delicious cake, and portraits to share with their family, but they also have memories to cherish of that wonderful day – made special by all the little details.  If you want to celebrate a special occasion with that special someone – anniversary, milestone birthday, etc, contact Lily Jack Photography for a portrait session. They’ll love you for it!