Legacy Portraits - The importance for your family

Three generations of women

I remember strolling through the woods with my Grandpa, while he talked about Wild Bill hiding behind the trees, filling our imaginations with crazy Grandpa tales. I feel fortunate that my kids know that same Grandpa, their Great Grandpa, and affectionately call him “squishy-face” Grandpa. Why, because when he greets us in his Italian tradition, he puts both hands aside of your face and kisses both cheeks. Squishing our faces the whole time. It’s a story we laugh about often.

Those stories will last a lifetime but what if you had portraits that captured those stories? What if you could not only have a memory but a beautiful portrait that you could look back on and give the generations to come, a visual of that important person in your life? That’s Legacy Portraiture.

Legacy Portraiture is important. And it’s a joy of mine to capture generations of families together, all at one time and place, to design special treasures that will last a lifetime. So bring everyone together and let Lily Jack Photography create Legacy Portraits for the entire family.

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The whole family

Walking with Grandpa

Four Generations of Men